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Mythic Archives

For new work, posted regularly, you can join my Substack, The Pollen Basket. It's a gathering of my weekly reflections on land-connection, poetics, ancestral history & “what the bee knows,” to quote mythologist & novelist P.L. Travers. In this space you can expect anything from short essay reflections on admired writers, artists & thinkers, to explorations of ancient myths and the interweavings of folklore & local ecology, to pieces of short fiction or poetic prose that arise from my daily rhythms and inspirations. It’s a delightful hive of words. 

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My mythic archives are housed on my Patreon page, where I have collected poems, short prose, longer fiction, q & a's, essays, and mediations, with a focus on my research on pre-patriarchal Old Europe, and particularly my time spent in Crete. My Patreon page also features a series of creative writing classes called Writing Down the Stars, which ran from April 2020 through February 2021. I am not actively posting new content at the moment, however, membership gives you access to a library of writings, audio tales, workshops, and even recordings of traditional Cretan songs! 

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